About Us

Our History

Every family tree starts with solid groundwork, and ours is no different. We started with the Villager Restaurant opening its doors in 1968, and now, 40 years later we have blossomed into 16 restaurants throughout northwest Iowa.

The Villager Restaurant, located in Storm Lake, Iowa, started with Burgers, Broasted Chicken, Mexican Food, Fries, Ice Cream, and of course, their famous HOMEMADE ONION RINGS!!! People drive from miles away to eat these one-of-a-kind Onion Rings.

After 10 years in the business, the Villager Restaurant ventured out and bought the Lakeshore Café, also located in Storm Lake, in 1978. Lakeshore Café brought a different menu to the people of Storm Lake, serving Home-cooked meals and breakfast foods all day long. Lakeshore also offers Char-broiled Burgers, Steaks, and Home-made pies and breads, find a FULL LISTING OF OUR FOODS SERVED HERE. Within the last 5 years, Lakeshore Café has started catering to many areas in Iowa.

The idea of joining the two restaurants together was brought up, and in 1985 the culmination of these ideas produced The Family Table with the first opening in Eagle Grove, Iowa. Since the first we have opened 10 more Family Table Restaurants over Northwest and North Central Iowa.

Most recently, we have started with a new venture / concept and changed one of these Family Table Restaurants in Emmetsburg, Iowa to a Café, with a the new name of Kirby’s Café. We are striving to look for ways to expand this café idea into many smaller Iowan communities.

There are over 370 team members in our Family Table staff. Among these are our well-trained managers, our very talented cooks, and our dutiful and personable waiting staff.

Family Table Expansion Timeline
1968 – Villager
1978 – Lakeshore
1985 – Eagle Grove
1989 – Cherokee
1993 – Spencer
1996 – Emmetsburg (changed to Kirby’s Café in 2008)
1999 – Sheldon (changed to Langer’s Bar and Grille in 2010)
2001 – Pocahontas
2002 – Sioux Center (changed to Sioux County Livestock Company/Backdoor;Lounge in 2010)
2003 – Algona (changed to Miller’s Sports Bar & Grill in 2016)
2004 – Lemars
2006 – Ida Grove (changed to Zimmy’s Bar and Grille in 2013)
2007 – Humboldt (changed to Miller’s Landing in 2010)
2008 – Kirby’s Cafe
2009 – Gasthaus Bar and Grille
2010 – Livestock Company/Backdoor Lounge
2010 – Miller’s Landing
2010 – Langer’s Bar and Grille
2013 – Pottsie’s Pub and Grill
2013 – Zimmy’s Bar and Grille
2014 – Zimmy’s Bar & Grille – Storm Lake
2016 – Miller’s Bar & Grill – Algona